Jim Palmer Photography | About
Having been born and raised in wildlife abundant South Texas, being surrounded by nature and wildlife is like second nature for me. To me there are very few things in life that are more exciting and satisfying than taking unique pictures of wildlife.
My journey as a wildlife photographer started in the late 1970's with a 35mm SLR, a 400mm lens, shooting Kodachrome. I up-graded to Autofocus as my pictures improved and in 2006 I converted to Digital with a high end DSLR.
I have photographed nature and wildlife from the tip of South Texas to border of Canada and beyond.
The images in the galleries are but a few of my favorites and unless otherwise noted all the wildlife is Free and Wild. None have been stressed or harassed in anyway to alter their natural behavior. All images are available as Fine Art Prints or for Publication. I can be contacted at jimapal.photo@gmail.com.
As a reminder, All images and Text are Copy Righted © and Shall not be used without My Written Consent!
Thank you for your interest in my web-site and perhaps a picture has captured your attention. Come back and visit ofter as I will be up-dating with more unique images of nature and wildlife from my future Photo Adventures!

Jim Palmer